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Meet Kamal, VAC Artist of the Month

Learn more about Kamal and her pashmina works of art

The Voorhees Art Commission (VAC) is proud to partner with the Voorhees Sun in a new “Artist of the Month” feature series. Kicking off our first featured artist is Kamal Khatiwala. Khatiwala, whose passion for art was nurtured since childhood in India, found her artistic journey flourish after becoming a member of the VAC in 2019.

Despite the challenges of relocating to the U.S. and navigating career and family responsibilities, Khatiwala persisted in her artistic pursuits, finding solace and connection through her work. Now, in her semi-retired phase, Khatiwala intensifies her focus on art, drawing inspiration from her travels and the beauty of nature. She emphasizes the joy of creating art and encourages aspiring artists to pursue self-expression and happiness through their craft, rather than striving for greatness alone.

To read more about Kamal’s artistic journey, read her article in the Voorhees Sun.

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