Healing Art for a Hero's Heart

Painting greeting cards for deployed soldiers and veterans


    Amy Bash

  • DATE:

    February 11, 2023


    Voorhees Arts Center & Gallery

Supporting Our Troops

A group of volunteers gathered at the Voorhees Arts Center & Gallery to paint cards for deployed veterans and military personnel. The event was held on February 11th and included participants of all ages. The volunteers used a variety of painting materials to create colorful and meaningful cards with themes such as patriotism, gratitude, and support. The painted cards will be sent to deployed veterans and military personnel to lift their spirits and remind them of the support they have back home. The event was a heartwarming success, and the participants expressed their joy and satisfaction in being able to contribute to the well-being of those who serve our country. We hope that these painted cards bring comfort and joy to our heroes and their families.

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